A New Move

June 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just last week, I moved to Burlington, Vermont from my hometown in central New Jersey for a summer internship at EatingWell Magazine. This move is perhaps one of the gutsiest things I’ve ever done. I went to Paris last fall, which was of course an adventure, but I went on a small study abroad program with just twenty-five students, two of whom were close friends from my home university. This is the first time I’ve moved to a completely new place without knowing anybody.

Church Street in Burlington.

Whenever I’ve been in a new city, I’ve found that I learn most about the place and the culture through its food. In Paris, it was all around me. On my way to my morning metro stop, I passed three boulangeries, all spouting that yeasty, delicious aroma of freshly baking bread. On shopping trips in the Marais and St. Germain, I was sure to pass many a pâtisserie or chocolate shop, each with the most beautiful treats I was sure I had ever seen. I learned about the lives of everyday French men and women over my café crème and jambon beurre tartine at a bistro near my school. Wandering through the outdoor markets, sampling slices of cool plum and oozy Camembert, I discovered what a Parisian mother bought to prepare for her family for dinner. I plan to do the same here in Burlington – in restaurants, coffee shops, markets and pick your own farms (I pass several just on my way to work!)

My favorite breakfast in Paris.

When I feel homesick, I always know that cooking will make me feel better. In Paris, my friends and I would make meals together, all crammed around a stove in a small Parisian apartment. Nourished by smells familiar from home and by the food itself, I would begin to feel better again. The very first night I was alone here in Burlington, I burst into tears when it hit me that my mom had really left and was on her way back home. I felt sorry for myself for maybe an hour, then got out of bed and tracked down a quinoa salad recipe I’d been wanting to try. Within a few minutes, just enough time for me to gather the ingredients and start chopping vegetables, I felt like myself again.

In Paris, a homemade dinner with friends.

You can look forward to hearing about my Vermont adventures and recipes, too, whether I am preparing a simple meal for dinner after work or baking my favorite of my mom’s recipes because I miss home. Happy Saturday night everyone!


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