A Rainy Day Adventure

June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I woke up this morning it was so dark I thought it was still night time. I was totally bummed. I walked out to go for a run and it was pouring. I debated for about five seconds whether or not I should suck it up and run anyway, then decided to go back inside to my warm bed and curl up with an old season of Top Chef. I had been planning on spending the day exploring Middlebury and after looking at my Vermont “to do” list I realized that pretty much every activity listed took place outdoors. So, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the rain to stop, got in my car and made the hour drive down. It was a pretty drive and even relatively dry. Of course when I got there, it started raining again, so I found a coffee shop and set up with my laptop and Kindle. With a steamy cup of joe by my side, I was a happy camper.

After working for a couple of hours, my stomach started grumbling. The rain had cleared, so I stashed my stuff in my car and set off on foot in search for food. On the way, I explored the downtown area.

At work last week we had an event catered by Costello’s, an Italian market nearby. The food was super yummy – an assortment of roasted cippolines, peppers stuffed with goat cheese, and charcuterie – and I was happy when I found the shop in town. The market has a lot of fresh fish and other Italian specialties as well as a great lunch menu.

I have a deep love for any and all things between bread, and their sandwich menu was delectable. After changing my mind about fifteen times, I decided on a warm portobello, red pepper and goat cheese sandwich.

After lunch I continued on my way and found the Middlebury College campus. I love walking around other college campuses and seeing how they compare to my own. I love Hopkins because of its greenery and I found that Middlebury was actually very similar. A lot of greenery, just a little bit more spread out!

I have some friends that go to college here and I am really happy that I will now be able to picture them on campus. On my way home, I passed this store.

Of course I had to stop. I chose the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie for myself. They were actually out of these cookies in the case and I got one fresh out of the oven. I also got some cookies to bring home for the roommates.

I will probably be up to some baking later tonight so look out for a recipe!


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