Bread and Baseball

June 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

Living with new roommates is always an adventure. Living with roommates that are college boys is even more of an adventure. There have been many surprising things I have learned so far! For instance, college boys can be very clean. Our dishes never sit unwashed in the sink and Alex might be even more organized than I am. Also – they cook! Last night around dinner time we were all starving. I decided to make my favorite quick meal – grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich-

but instead of making ramen or ordering pizza, which is what I would have expected, they cooked. They divvied up the duties and soon they had a little home cooked meal. I was impressed.

Meghan is another intern at EatingWell and a new good friend. Before I started my internship I knew I was going to meet like-minded people. Not only are Meghan and I like-minded, I am convinced she is my twin. We have had too many a-ha moments to count. The weird things I take pleasure in that nobody else ever understands? Meghan enjoys them too!
We had plans to spend the day exploring and started at the farmers’ market.
After perusing the stands, we set out to find the Great Harvest Bread store. I had always been eager to visit this franchise after reading about it on one of my favorite blogs, Kath Eats Real Food (Kath and her husband just opened their own store.)
The store was everything I expected and more – a plethora of freshly baked treats, a delicious lunch menu and many specialty products.
For lunch I chose a sandwich with portobellos, red peppers and pesto with full pieces of pine nuts Рmy favorite! But the real star was the bread. Chewy and just a tad sweet from the whole grain, it truly made the sandwich.
Later in the evening we braved the iffy forecast to go to a Vermont Lake Monsters game. Yes, that is the real name of the Vermont minor league baseball team. We only stayed for half of the game since it started to pour, but it was fun nonetheless.
Hope you had a lovely day!

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  • Jake says:

    New design is really good. Btw I did the worm on the top of a minor-league dugout once with a mascot that looked like that guys brother when I was in summer camp

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