A Molly Omelette

July 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

My sister, Molly, has always been the egg expert in our house. She always makes a complete mess: tossing pepper here and there, sprinkling cheese and somehow managing to get it all over the stove top. But her omelettes are incredible. She cooks them just long enough to give a good crisp edge, but never so long that the eggs are stiff and burned. She also makes the most interesting combinations with whatever we have in the fridge that morning. I remember one Christmas morning she made all of us lobster omelettes with leftovers from our nice dinner the night before. I had a hankering for eggs tonight and wanted to try to make a Molly omelette. Let me say first that I’ve never been particularly skilled with eggs in a skillet, especially when it comes to omelettes. Usually my attempts at an omelette look something like burnt scrambled eggs. I watched a Jacques Pepin demonstration video on YouTube about five times for guidance and then started to cook.

First, I cut up my veggies.

I sauteed them in a pan for a bit with some cooking spray, just until the broccoli turned bright green and tender.

In a bowl, I whisked an egg with two egg whites.

I poured the eggs into a heated skillet. Then with my fork, I whisked it until the eggs started to set. After a couple of minutes, I picked up the pan and swirled it around so the uncooked egg on the top would cook.

After another minute, I placed my veggies, then cheese, on one side of the omelette.

I flipped over the other half and voila!

Not bad for me, although I think I put a bit too much broccoli in the filling (the egg split a little bit at the bottom there). It’s no Molly omelette but I was pretty happy with my performance!

With some toast and fruit, a perfect breakfast for dinner.



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