Friday Favorites II

July 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Reasons I am happy today:

1. It’s July!

July is the summer month. June and August are great, but half of June is still technically spring and August is always super busy with back to school hubbub. July, on the other hand, is purely, ridiculously, wonderfully summer. When I think of July I think of everything I love about this season: ice cream, the lake, grilling outside, hanging with friends outside, everything outside. I’m so glad that this month is here and what better way to kick it off than with the best of all summer holidays?

2. My mom and my sister are visiting this weekend

As I am writing this blogpost, my mom and my little sister are en route to visit me in Burlington! They go all out here for the Fourth of July with live music, street performers, barbecues, and fireworks over Lake Champlain so they wanted to come up and celebrate with me. My sister has never been to Burlington and I’m excited to show her everything the city has to offer (read: shopping).

3. Dates

Can you believe that until a few days ago I had never eaten a date? Holy moly was I missing out. They are so sweet they almost taste like candy and even have a slight cocoa flavor. I used them in this salad, which is another thing that I was loving this week.

4. Dreams of Joy

I haven’t finished Steingarten’s book just yet, but I have a bit of a Kindle addiction problem and am already in the middle of another book. Dreams of Joy is the sequel to Shanghai Girls which I read and loved just last month. Shanghai Girls is the story of two sisters and their journey together from their comfortable lives in China to their lives as immigrants in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Dreams of Joy picks up where the first novel left off.

6. Charlotte Berry Farm: more strawbs

I went after work today – I just had to get more! I think I am going to freeze some before they go out of season. I also decided to apply for a job at the farm because I heard they are always looking for more berry pickers. I’ll keep you posted!

7. I’m really digging the new Matt Nathanson album, this song in particular.

8. Top Chef Season Six / Voltaggio brothers

I’m a pretty big Top Chef fan and have watched all of the recent seasons except for season six. I’ve been watching on my iTunes and the season is all it’s cracked up to be – everyone is so talented! My favorite contenders are absolutely the Voltaggio brothers. They’re totally cute and definitely the best chefs competing. The sibling rivalry is also very entertaining to watch.

So.. Bryan or Michael? I can’t seem to choose…

Happy holiday weekend everyone!


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