Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Katie and I am a creative writing student at Johns Hopkins University. I have recently moved to Vermont for the summer for an internship at EatingWell Magazine.

Something you should know about me: I love food. My mom is Korean and my dad comes from Pennsylvania Dutch country and I grew up learning about the food from their different cultures. Although the cuisines are very different, there is one thing that ties them together: I love them both completely. I will devour a bowl of my grandmother’s spicy kimchi just as quickly as I will a piece of my other grandmother’s chicken pot pie. I also have developed a passion for ice cream after spending summers in high school working at the Bent Spoon, an artisan ice cream shop in downtown Princeton. I consider frozen treats their own food group.

Me with my cousins and little brother.

At the Spoon, I learned all about what goes into making ice cream and sorbet from the brilliant owners and flavor geniuses, Matt and Gab. With an emphasis on using local products from our beautiful New Jersey farms, everything is made in house and always features produce in season. After these summers and two sessions abroad in Paris and Florence, my love for food became more than just about enjoying meal times. I had always loved baking, but I was now interested in exploring the farmers’ markets nearby and preparing meals for my family and friends.

My family.

I used to be daunted by my kitchen but I’ve learned how simple it can be to create yummy meals with fresh, quality ingredients. In addition to using this space to record my food inspirations – favorite food finds, books, ideas – I hope to demonstrate how easy it is to eat well at home. Here you will find uncomplicated but delicious recipes emphasizing nutritious ingredients and lots of fruits and vegetables, using produce in season and local when possible. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!


§ One Response to Katie

  • Bernie Margolin says:

    Dear Katie,

    I loved your blog — so much so that I may break a longstanding bromide by drinking something … green!

    Have the nicest of evenings,


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