My idea of a perfect day is exploring a new place. Whether that place is a neighboring town I’ve simply never walked through or a vast foreign city where I can’t speak the language, exploring has always been one of my great passions. There’s something so exciting about wandering down a street and not knowing what you are going to find when you round the corner, or sitting in a café, sipping on a coffee that has the familiar kick of caffeine yet somehow tastes completely new.

It’s a shame that I didn’t take the time to keep a blog on these trips, to record my feelings about that fantastic park I stumbled upon, a perfect dinner with friends, the person I met on my metro commute home. The things you think you’ll always remember become faint recollections. The way I felt over my favorite lunch in Paris, the sun warming my legs and a hot café crème in front of me, content in my solitude, staring at the afternoon, is impossible to remember exactly; the only way I can describe it now is that it was the happiest I’ve ever been.

This section of this page will be dedicated to keeping track of my favorite eats and adventures in whatever new place I am fortunate enough to explore. Here you will be able to read about how I experienced a place, what it was that I loved and remembered the most and maybe when you visit, you can do the same.



Burlington: I, II, III, IV

Cheese, chocolate and apples


Charlotte Berry Farm

Mom and Molly Weekend I and II




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